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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hot Brown

The title comes from the name of a sandwich that was created by a chef at the Brown hotel in Louisville, Kentucky. It's now no longer a unique menu item found in one hotel made by one chef. It's been relegated to the lunch special section of places like TGI Fridays and Applebees. Everybody can make a Hot Brown now.

And in the same way, everyone wants to have their commentary about Scott Brown be unique, to stand out, to draw attention to them and not the new Senator from Massachusetts. And who can do this better than anyone outside of Rush Limbaugh? Why, Glenn Beck of course.

What's with all this commentary about how "pretty" he is. This is the same incessant prattling that we hear from conservative commenters who were near a drool-induced coma when Sarah Palin was spirited away from Alaska in late 2008. Looks? That's the angle that these people are playing?

But back to Beck and his "Scarborough-ization" of Mr. Brown. He's likely to lose some amount of support from the hardcare "Brownies" out there who would likely sacrifice their first born if Scott told them it would lower the tax burden on the Middle Class. He's flirting with upsetting the same people that are his primary audience share. But one simply has to wonder why is it imperative that a conservative's "power" is directly proportional to their genetics? It's rather creepy.

And just like the sandwich that my state pioneered, Scott Brown clones will begin to pop up all around this country. They won't have any plan other than rehashing debunked talking-points and their "flavour" will be just as bland as the slap-dash sandwich found at your local kitchy eatery.

1 comment:

Bustednuckles said...

Never heard of a Hot Brown sammich, this guy in MA can kiss my ass, so can Glenn Beck but you already knew that.
WTF ever happened to a nice Pastrami on Rye?

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