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Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Rush To Racial Divisiveness

Does this surprise anyone?

It's as predictable as the claims that he responded to this quicker than the failed Christmas Day terrorist attack. But this isn't the first time Limbaugh has used racially charged rhetoric as inflammatory attacks on Obama.

This next quote ties two of Limbaugh's favorite things together: Income Tax and conspiracy theories about the Obama White House:

Rush has always placed himself above anyone that isn't white - period. He is, for lack of a more appropriate term, a racist of the highest order. And while many will claim that he has black friends, or that Thomas Sowell ( who is black ) will guest-host his show from time to time, this does not erase what he is.

But this is not a first for Rush Limbaugh, to claim that a disaster isn't such a big deal or that we, as the United States, shouldn't stand along with the rest of the world to help the less fortunate. After all, so long as this twitching mass of cigar smoke, cholesterol, and hate can sit by and make money of off hate and racism, he will not care about those that are less fortunate.

As Keith Olbermann put it last night, I would wish him to Hell would the fact of who is truly is already not be Hell enough.

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