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Monday, January 11, 2010

The Taxman Cometh

The unifying factor amongst the GOP - whether they be on the fringe, a centrist, or the most milquetoast moderate - is that they all claim to be masters of various schools of thought. From economics to medical care, proper legislative technique to media accuracy, and even taxation. The later, at least since Obama's ascendancy to the Presidency, is the gold-standard for exactly how honest and knowledgeable you are as a person a especially as a politician.

Many conservative voices have pitched upward with rage anytime a Democrat may have a problem with their taxes. Not the least of these was America's favorite wingnut paranoid-delusional: Glenn Beck.

But it seems that he has problems of his own when it comes to taxes.

As Beck evolved from a medium-market local radio personality to a one-man media empire with top-rated radio and television shows, best-selling books, a monthly magazine and a traveling one-man comedy tour, his production company, Mercury Radio Arts, has at times struggled to keep up with the heightened tax and filing demands accompanying his success.

Mercury, a private corporation that lists Beck as chief executive officer and his wife, Tania Beck, alternately as vice president or secretary, since 2007 has fallen behind on its New York City business income taxes and has been cited for filing errors related to its obligations under Texas franchise tax and New York state workers' compensation insurance rules.

I'd like to see some other prominent conservatives tax records. Perhaps Michelle Malkin and Sean Hannity would care to show how pristine their papers are.

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