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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Of Zealots And The Patriots They Hate

It certainly didn’t take right-wing religious zealot Tony Perkins to complain about gays in the military after Obama’s SOTU last night.

The military is a warrior culture for a reason: Our service members wear the uniform to fight and win wars, not serve as liberal social policy guinea pigs. The sexual environment the President is seeking to impose upon the young men and women who serve this country is the antithesis of the successful warfighting culture and as such should be rejected.

This statement, more than just about anything that Perkins says, show just how ridiculously ignorant he is of members of the gay community. It’s as if he is claiming that if gays and lesbians can serve openly in the military that suddenly everyone will be wearing butt-less, leather, chaps, having orgies, and singing show tunes.

But the one thing that Perkins doesn’t seem to understand is this – gays and lesbians are already serving in the military and there hasn’t been this dramatic “sexualization” of the United States armed forces.

It’s truly a sign of his pathetic character traits of Tony Perkins when he is more concerned with silencing patriotic Americans that are willing to lay down their life for this country simply because they don’t fit his canted view of the world.

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