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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nice Try Ed or Grammatical Projections

Conservatives are literally falling over themselves trying to find a way to declare that Scott Brown has already won the late Ted Kennedy's Senate seat. From attempting to parse the language of polling from Rasmussen to Ed Morrissey's latest attempt - blame a grammatical error on the candidate when she didn't even produce the ad.

Maybe Coakley ought to know how to spell her state’s name before asking voters there to send her to Washington to represent them. At the very least, it’s an answer to Democratic zingers about Dan Quayle, who managed to spell Indiana correctly even if misspelling potato on an infamous occasion.

Morrissey's drooling assertion is predicated on this bizarre notion that every political candidate produces their own advertising material. Even though this has the standard "approval" stamp at the end of the ad this does NOT mean that Martha Coakley produced the ad herself. That task falls to a media relations company that is contracted by the Democratic party for he state where the campaign is taking place.

To follow Ed's faulty logic, one would then have to assume that John McCain new how to use an AVID machine or video editing software in order to create all the ads from his presidential campaign.

However, if one were to claim that this entire piece was created at the hands of Martha Coakley, and he is really wanting to use grammar as a weapon, perhaps he shouldn't be pointing fingers at people that know how to catch their mistakes. Has he even seen the rampant bastardization of the English language on the multitude of tea-bagger signage the past year?

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