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Friday, January 29, 2010

Palin's Music-City Message Still On?

Well, gosh-darn-it if she didn't just refute all the gobble-de-gook about her not jumping across the "holler" and paying Nashville a visit.

When she responded to the question regarding her "benefit" for speaking, claiming that the money will go back into "the cause", I'm wondering exactly what she expects her base to believe.

I'm not going to postulate that Sarah Palin is a money grubbing right-wing troll, but if she got over $100,000 for making a speech, I think it's safe to say that we won't be seeing her just giving it all over to Dick Armey at FreedomWorks. Sure, she's likely taking in more than a modest stipend for being in the employ of Fox"News", but don't just sit there and expect us all to believe that this is charity work.

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1 comment:

rdale said...

Look at the look on her face in the screen grab; pure smirk, worthy of Chimpy himself. Yeah, she's thinking, you rubes might be at each other's throats but I'm goin' home with 100 Large, for, ahem, "the cause." Boo-yah!

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