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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Do Teabaggers Even Exist Anymore?

Here's something that I was just pondering on my way to grab some lunch - does the alleged "tea-party" movement still exist anymore?

Follow me on this.....

Independents in Massachusetts voted in metaphorical and literal lock-step with Republicans to elect ( cue dramatic music ) a Republican. That's right, not someone running on the Conservative ticket, but a Republican. He didn't label himself the "conservative" candidate like the laughably incompetent Doug Hoffman did, he was ( and still is ) a Republican.

So what happened to the tea-baggers voicing their disdain for not just Democrats but Republicans? Here's a clue - they still love the Republicans, since the "we hate both parties" mantra is just a facade. All the gimmicks, the sound-bites, the signage were there within Brown's supporting electorate to help create the image that Brown was this "independant", but he most certainly is not.

Just a few months ago they were doing just about everything to call for a third-party candidate until Scott Brown caught on. And like it or not, those that voted for him just elected another establishment Republican - you know, those people that the tea-baggers allegedly can't stand.

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