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Friday, January 8, 2010

Anti-Racist Racism

Conservatives, ever the group to label someone a racist, certainly have a problem when being confronted with their own racial animus and challenged to defend their accusations that someone else is a racists.

Glenn Beck is a master of projection and racial divisiveness that should make people like Limbaugh and Hannity glad, considering he's taking a lot of the heat off of them.

So what is racism now?

Conservatives would have you believe that it simply doesn't exist anymore - well, not within their ideological camp at least. To them, racism is reserved for people that aren't white, people that aren't conservative. There is no traditional racism any longer, it's all reverse-racism or race-baiting. Why is this?

In there minds, since Obama's election, the very notion of racism has shifted from something that whites have perpetrated upon blacks to something that everyone else does to conservatives. To them, they are the new victims of racial epithets. But this doesn't stop them from being racists or using race-baiting tactics, since they have redefined what those things mean within their own minds. These devices of division are now acceptable forms of socio-political discourse within the conservative realm.

And the one aspect of this that makes this even more disturbing is that they have convinced certain members of the black community that this new racist speech is acceptable. You'll likely see people like Thomas Sowell or Jesse Lee Peterson on Fox"News" when discussing issues of race. The only difference is that instead of a black man defending himself against the charge of racism, it is the black man that is using racial-animus at attack someone else.

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