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Friday, January 8, 2010

The New Conservative History

St. Rudy of 9/11 has now joined his fellow revisers ( Dana Perino and Mary Matlin ) in claiming that terrorism under Bush either didn't exist or only partially exist.

It would appear that Rudy is attempting a nuanced argument within the context of terrorism. By using the word "domestic", is he referring to who(m) is doing the attacking? If that's the case, he's still incorrect.

The Anthrax Attacks, DC Sniper, and the "Shoe Bomber" all happened within the first two years of Bush's first term. Of course, this tactic of misdirection and blatant revisionism by conservatives only works on conservatives. They aren't gaining any ground by acting in this manner, and in many respects they are loosing some of the centrist/leftist conservatives still in the GOP - though those numbers are virtually non-existent.

So one has to ask - why speak in this fashion when it continues to be shown as patently false?

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