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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Son Of Erick On Colbert?

He's been featured on Hannity a few times and mentioned in passing by Limbaugh more than once, and his ego is inflated near the size of both of them combined. But why was he on Colbert?

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I'm wondering if the Erickson thought he was going on a show that would actually give him some props for what he is doing. After all, Colbert makes his living by taking the piss out of conservatives on a nightly basis. This isn't some round-table discussion on Fox where he would largely be among his peers, and it's certainly not some marginally produced net-show hosted by Pajamas Media where the metaphorical handjobs for fellow conservatives abound. It's a comedy show.

Erickson's admission that his "goat fucker" comment wasn't such a bright star in his Twitter timeline shows that he is/was quite ignorant as to how that social network service operates. If he thought he was only talking to his "friends" it makes me wonder what else he's told his "friends" in confidence about people not just within the Obama administration but anyone else whom he might find reprehensible.

He's a right peculiar character, that is certain. Recently I attempted to discuss with him an article that he had penned stating that the police force in Macon, GA should be abolished rather than unionize. This came as a shock to some in his community but was actually the next logical step for someone of his mindset. After all, the modern conservative sees unionization on the same level as domestic terrorism. They have to state their case this way since they would become even more irrelevant if they let their true feelings be known - that an organized workforce that has the ability to fight for a fair wage and healthcare benefits just isn't American.

So when I called Erickson out on his declaration - that he obviously preferred a "socialist" structure to the police force rather than a "unionized" one he called that a "stretch" and clearly not based in reality. Unfortunately, the police forces in every city town and hamlet in America are organized and paid for in a strict socialist construct. Even your local fire department is the same way. I wonder what he would have to say to the first-responders on Sept. 11th if he realized that many of them were unionized?

In the end, Erickson gained nothing by sitting at the table with Colbert, other than being another prop that Steven could use to make fun of conservatives and make more money. That's a very interesting free-market concept, would you agree Erick?

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