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Friday, January 15, 2010

The Imagery Of Hypocrisy

Ed Morrissey unleashed his famously flaccid righteous indignation upon the DSCC today.

Why, you ask? It was a campaign ad citing Scott Brown's close ties to Wall Street that features two buildings from the WTC complex. This didn't sit well with dear Eddie's delicate sensibilities:

Has anyone ever seen a major campaign this badly handled in one short week? Most of the blame goes to Coakley, but the DSCC was the group that sent Michael Meehan to help with messaging this week. His first contribution was to commit assault and battery on a reporter for the Weekly Standard. Now the DSCC chooses an image of the World Trade Center, Ground Zero on 9/11, to represent Wall Street and to attack Brown. That’s not just “distasteful and disrespectful” to someone who served in the war on terror and remains in the National Guard to this day, it’s flat-out stupidity.

Conservatives like Ed shouldn't be so eager to castigate someone for using WTC imagery. After all, they are the group that has the market cornered on using the deaths of nearly 3000 people for their own political and personal gain.

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