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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Biting The Hand That Feeds

Has Glenn Beck just lost a huge chunk of his audience share? I guess we're about to find out.

It seems that the "birthers" are going after Beck because he won't back them up.

I'd like to see some formal polling on this, but doesn't it stand to reason that at least 30-40% of the "tea-baggers" believe in this completely debunked notion that Obama wasn't born in the US? And the tea-baggers make up the majority, if not all of, Beck's audience share on both Fox"News" and his radio program.

I'm actually surprised that this hasn't happened sooner. After all, he's more of what would be regarded in the hip-hop community as a "studio-gangster" - someone that like to talk a big game yet doesn't ever deliver on his promises. Anyone remember seeing Beck at the 9/12 rally that he was promoting all last year? You didn't, because he literally "phoned-it-in" from his New York studio.

Beck may not believe the birthers, but he's still convinced that Obama is a racist, Communist, Marxist, Socialist, anti-capitalist, Fascist. So in that regard, he's still got some crazy fans that will stick around.

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