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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How Brown Really Won

The idea is being floated by some within the progressive/liberal blogging realm, and it's starting to make a lot more sense. And this has little to do with Coakley and more to do with Obama's agenda.

No, it's not that it was wrong, it's that it wasn't enough and got derailed sometime over the summer.

Follow me to the way-back machine........

1 - The Economic Stimulus, you know that nearly $800 billion dollars that hasn't been fully spent yet and of which Republicans have been shouting "IT FAILED" since the day after Obama signed off on it, wasn't big enough. Many economists have stated as such and they are in the position to know more than Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, or Michelle Malkin - the trio where far too many conservatives get their economic advise.

2 - Over the summer, healthcare reform got almost completely derailed by Max Baccus and conservatives took the opportunity to use this to their advantage. This was the time during the onslaught of the "death panel" and Democrats started to invest all their time in confronting specious claims by people like Sarah Palin.

And that's when it all went downhill. The economy was forced to play second fiddle to healthcare reform. And, for all intent and purposes, Republican obstructionism worked. They shifted the focus of the Democratic party and it worked to their advantage. Then came Scott Brown.

Here's where the conservative storyline could easily have changed, because it didn't have to be Scott Brown, it could have been any conservative that had the ability to deliver a line like "it's the people's seat". Brown had a slight advantage as being a State Senator, but that would have likely been a negotiable point. After all Sarah Palin was campaigning to be a hairs breath away from the President, and look at what she had to bring to the table.

So for conservatives to claim that it was their platform, their ideological perspective, and a real "man of the people" that cause the loss for Coakley, that's pretty disingenuous. This loss is purely a matter of political malpractice and a loss of true focus from Obama and the Democrats in both houses of Congress.

But one thing Brown and his supporters should know - we are fully aware of this mistake and this win doesn't mean that the elections in November are going to reflect what happened in Massachusetts.

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