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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Does He Think He's Making A Movie

It's fair to say that Chuck Norris has taken too many kicks to the head.

Over the past two years, Norris has transformed himself from American action hero to American activist hack. Having run the gamut from using her limited celebrity credibility to endorse Mike Huckabee to being a guest speaker at various conservative conferences, Norris now fancies himself more knowledgeable on diplomatic policy because Glenn Beck said something that sounded cool.

Invoking no less an authority than Glenn Beck, movie tough guy (and political activist) Chuck Norris has taken aim at Obama's Dec. 17 executive order extending certain "privileges, exemptions, and immunities" to Interpol, otherwise known as the International Police Organization, based in Lyon, France.

As we reported last weekend, thanks in part to the comments of Beck and Newt Gingrich (as well as the National Review's Andrew McCarthy) the order has spawned a rash of conspiracy theories in the conservative blogosphere claiming that Obama has given Interpol (or "the global police force," as the critics like to call it) new powers to investigate and even lock up U.S. citizens.

As I have previously pointed out, a former member of the Interpol agency in Lyon, France proves that every conservative commenter that has taken up this issue has no clue what they are talking about.

Interpol, no matter what the star of such films as Invasion USA and Missing In Action, does not have it's own police force that can arrest people in the US. They simply do not exist.

But this is the man that also believes Obama was born in Africa and sells exercise machines to hopeless saps at 430 in the morning. It's clear that the most visible voices within the conservative movement make Alex Jones look like a member of Mensa.

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