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Monday, January 25, 2010

Blaming Bush? Of Course They Should

Each and every time conservatives throw their hands in the air, exhale a massive puff of hot air, and shout "aw, come on", it's really a signifier that they don't want their parties abject failures and lack of foresight to be put into the spotlight. The party of "accountability" doesn't want to be held accountable in any shape, form, or function.

And while some are claiming that Democrats are rethinking this strategy - of which I think they shouldn't - it should be noted that even after a year of Obama being in the White House, he's still having to deal with the catastrophic mess that was left ( quite literally ) at his doorstep.

Conservatives whining that it isn't fair, isn't right, or is a cheap shot at Bush whenever any Democrat ( be they liberal, progressive, or other ) mentions King George's name need to accept the fact that his strategies failed - big time.

Speaking of strategies, perhaps someone ought to tell Harold Ford Jr. that tax cuts on the wealthy didn't help at all. In point of fact, they cost more than twice what proposed healthcare reform cost. Of course, you don't hear that Bushian fact coming up hardly at all - and it should be.

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