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Friday, January 8, 2010

Anti-Global-Warming Conservatives Should Move To Kentucky

Every time I hear someone like Sean Hannity laughing at the fact that there is a massive blizzard during the early weeks of winter, claiming that this is literally the death knell for all that claim there is global warming, I have to pause and give a chuckle myself. After all, it is this line of reactionary conservative speech that shows how ill-equipped these people are when it comes to dealing with science.

In it's most rudimentary styles, when something is heated, it takes on a new form. Water becomes steam and ice becomes water. In it's more complex styles, adding heat to various chemical compounds cause them to break into new compounds that are far and away from what they originally were. A new form may be perceptible to the human eye while there will be something else released.

Another way to look at this is how the common chemical compound Hydrogen can stand on it's own, can be part of water, or be part of a deadly explosive. This is where we lose the modern conservative. They think global warming means that it's going to be hot everywhere, that no cold is possible.

Living in Kentucky, there is a saying: If you don't like the weather, just wait a while. The origins of that is grounded in the fact that our weather patterns are more erratic than just about every other state in the Union. This has been seen more and more frequently in my lifetime.

Heavy snowstorms, as well as last years massive ice storm that crippled most of the state, are more frequent in the early days of winter, while blistering heat is more prevalent in the early weeks of summer. The later was seen as explicitly true in the later half of May and the early days of June in the consistent triple-digit heat that plagued my state.

The point is that conservatives are more than willing to ignore the radically shifting weather patterns and insist that they are well within the bounds of reality because they happen when they are allegedly meant to happen. But if Sean Hannity spent one year in Kentucky and studied the weather patterns as they relate to the remainder of the country, I'm sure that he might change his mind about global warming, though you wouldn't get him to admit it.

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