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Friday, January 29, 2010

Andrew's Blubbery Rage

I often wonder why MSNBC even tries to interview people like Andrew Brietbart, since it always devolves to a cacophonous mash of unintelligible speech.

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I'll get to the relevant James O'Keefe details in a second.

It appears that Breitbart is making us of a new conservative talking point. Did you catch it? MSNBC received stimulus money? Judd Gregg made the same claim on MSNBC the following day, and it's just as much bullshit the second time as it was the first.

General Electric got stimulus dollars and they own NBC. So, in the fog that is Andrew Breitbart's cognitive skills, this means that MSNBC received stimulus money. Bill O'Reilly used this same line of reasoning to claim that General Electric had direct dealings with the government of Iran, when these were completely innocuous contracts that had no connection to their government at all.

But back to why Andrew was on to begin with - he was obviously more eager to get Shuster to fall into his semantics argument and put just enough distance between himself and O'Keefe since this little stunt is still very illegal and is not going to end well for any of the four involved.

This is a perfect example of how conservatives approach problems within their ranks: deflection.

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