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Friday, June 18, 2010

War Against The Poor

In which we find Rush Limbaugh, again, railing against the poor and less fortunate in this country.

Rush simply doesn't get it. Well, perhaps he does and is just playing the angles on this report in order to get people like me to respond. Either way, it's pathetic and shows that he really doesn't care about anyone outside of his air conditioned studio.

The reality of children going hungry in America is not something new, not something that begins or ends on the edges of Democratic control of government. And for Limbaugh to conflate Michelle Obama's work to fight childhood obesity with the horror of a child not having enough food to eat is proof positive that he can't see the way the world works - that the playing field isn't level for everyone.

Limbaugh is the quintessential conservative - thinking that everything has a simply solution and that people are just too fucking lazy to fix things. Sure, tell that kid who's parents have lost virtually everything to just go to the refrigerator and make a sandwich, that's the cure right there. Granted, the twitching mass of cholesterol and fatty-acids that is Rush Limbaugh probably never once had to live with the reality of not having enough food to eat, so this is par for the course.

I grew up in a family that struggled for some time to keep enough food on the table, but we made it through. It was that experience that taught us that there are people worse off than us and that as members of our community and our country, we should help them if we could. Limbaugh doesn't live in this world, a world where Americans help one another. He resides in that bizarro world where there is no "real" hunger issue with children, as it's a fabrication of the media, of socialist/marxist/racists that manipulate the masses.

Is there no depth that this poor excuse for a human will since to when it comes to discussing children? No, there really isn't.

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