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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Face Of Indoctrination

This sort of thing really troubles me.

What does an 11 year old really know of the world outside of what his parents teach them?

This isn't to diminish the mental prowess of some kids. After all, there have been children as young as 13 to graduate from Harvard, but they aren't the ones being hauled into the Fox"News" studios to talk about political bias in the media or schools. Kind of makes one wonder if kids like Sam are simply trotted out in front of the cameras to further the narrative that the world is unfair to conservatives.

More to the point, if Sam is so passionate about the alleged unjustness of what has happened to him, he isn't nearly as fired up as this kid. Honestly, he seems a bit unsure of himself. Perhaps that his conscious whispering to him that what he's doing isn't entirely honest.

But this is a win/win for Fox"News" and the kid ( or should I say, his parents ) considering the fact that if the teacher, the school principal, or the school board superintendent were to come on to refute Sam's specious claims, they would be roundly criticized for attacking a child. That's what makes this whole spectacle disgusting - Fox"News" uses a child to further their agenda and claims that there has been no response from those accused of wrong-doing knowing full well that if there is a response they can readjust their narrative to show abuse of a child.

And I thought that conservatives were against indoctrination.

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