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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Some Thoughts For Your Morning

- With Arizona governor Jan Brewer the "face of the moment" for Tea Baggers, I'm guessing this upcoming meeting with President Obama is going to earn her some face-time on Fox"News". However, her ability to be honest about the meeting will most certainly be in question from those not within the reactionary realm of conservative ideology. After all, they do tend to confuse constructive criticism with being totally unhinged and "angry".

- As per the norm for Caribou Barbie, she took after NBC when an alleged promise was made to Sarah and Todd that, if they chose not to appear on a program to directly respond to author Joe McGinnis, they would have any prepared statements featured on the show. Naturally, Palin and hubby lack the courage to appear anywhere but Fox"News" and opted out. Statements were prepared but never featured on the program. However, there is no conclusive proof that NBC struck such a deal and we are left to rely on the questionable words of the Palin's. I'm of the mind that they formulated this plan in order to keep up the narrative that there is rampant "liberal media bias" in America.

- Seems that little Jimmy O'Keefe is afraid to do any interviews on his own, as he's got his pimp-daddy Andrew Breitbart in tow during a sit down on Good Morning America. The incessant whining is pretty much non-stop and O'Keefe even admits that he would break the law again if given the chance. And it's likely that he violated his parole by engaging in fraudulent actions by forging Census documents.

- And speaking of O'Keefe and Breitbart, Andrew went on Glenn Beck's radio program to complain that they were "sandbagged". That's conservatives code for asking to be held accountable.

- I'm not entirely too certain who's side to take in this whole Flotilla episode, but when you have the Israeli government conducting the study of the "peace keeper's" actions, I'm detecting just a tiny bit of conflict-of-interest. Of course they are going to allege that they have terrorist ties, it fits their narrative all too nicely.

- Here's something for the brain to chew on. Right now, out of the 24 pieces on the front page of Michelle Malkin's blog, only half were written by her. She's been doing this a lot lately. And while I'm sure even The Purse Lipped Rage Princess needs a break now and again, I'm starting to get the feeling that she's working on another book. Perhaps it's about how conservatives didn't do as well in the mid-term elections as they thought. After all, that "Culture Of Corruption" book came out VERY FAST after Obama won the Presidency. Just sayin.

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