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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Right From The Jump

You know conservatives around the country were just itching to say this if Obama fired McCrystal.

And had he let McCrystal stay, there would likely had been talk of Obama not being able to control his commanders, thereby being unable to lead in a time of war. These people are really that predictable, I assure you.

I'm just waiting for the new conservative talking-point about how this is also seen as Obama's fault as it was him at appointed McCrystal to his position - meaning he's not very good at picking the right person for the job. Perhaps that a bit of a stretch, but conservatives are becoming more and more creative with ways to blame Obama for virtually everything.

I for one think that this showed true leadership on Obama's part. He removed a person that apparently wasn't taking his job all that seriously and took corrective action and put in place a man that could get the job done. However, Petraeus doesn't come without some problems for some within the liberal community - conservatives are already crowing about his new role in Afghanistan and are revamping the "victory in Iraq" nonsense.

As Commander In Chief, Obama did his job and did it well. We need military leaders who aren't going to let partisanship invade their job duties when they are representing this country.

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