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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Another Capture

Score another victory for the law enforcement approach to the "war on terror".

Authorities say two New Jersey men who intended to kill American troops were arrested at a New York City airport before boarding flights on their way to join a jihadist group in Somalia.

Federal authorities say 20-year-old Mohamed Mahmood Alessa and 24-year-old Carlos Eduardo Almonte were arrested Saturday at John F. Kennedy Airport before they could board separate flights to Egypt and then continue on to Somalia.

Alessa, of North Bergen, and Almonte, of Elmwood Park, were charged with conspiring to commit an act of international terrorism.

However, watch for conservatives to call this a victory for the Bush administration simply because of the timeline.

Teams of state and federal law enforcement agents who have been investigating Alessa and Almonte since 2006 took them into custody. They are scheduled to appear Monday in federal court in Newark.

And let's say they do call this a victory - will they be admitting that a law enforcement approach to fighting those would commit terrorist attacks is a better approach than a military one? We all know that conservatives despise that. I'm going to say that this will be a muted response from conservatives and Fox"News".

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