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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Some Thoughts For Your Morning

- Conservatives are ever eager to find a Democrat that does something stupid. I don't really blame them, as they have to find a way to deflect from their own party's failings on a daily basis. But this sort of action by a Democratic representative needs to be address on several levels and not just a partisan one. Certainly, it was pure stupidity for Bob Etheridge to assault the "student journalist" like that, but considering the nature of "journalism" amongst the Right these days, one can't but almost understand why a person ( be they an elected official or not ) react in similar fashion. Still, it was a bone-headed move and I'm of the mind that Etheridge should be punished for it.

- I've been saying for years that there is no possible way that conservatives have the time, talent, or cognitive skills to write multiple books within a calendar year. Glenn Beck has another book coming out and there's a fairly good case put forth that he didn't write it. Considering the fact that Sarah Palin hired someone to write the book she put her name on and not one conservative seemed to take issue with that, and taking a look at how Glenn Beck is revered as a messiah among the Fox"News" establishment, I'm guessing that his latest ream of nonsense isn't going to be challenged either.

- Michelle Bachman continues with the fringe ( mainstream? ) conservative line that Obama is in league with terrorists by claiming that funds used to aid Gaza and the West Bank will be appropriated by Hamas. This really doesn't surprise me, as most conservatives are in favor of completely cutting off all foreign aid entirely.

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