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Friday, June 4, 2010

But I Thought..... was about the teachers ( ? )

Again, Chris Christie is placed on the conservative pedestal and is already being floated as a viable Presidential candidate in 2012.

I've already spoken about how conservatives are staunchly anti-worker/anti-organization, but this back-peddling by Christie is simply preposterous. Of course it's about the teachers. Virtually every conservative that discusses education takes issue with teachers. From Bill O'Reilly to Glenn Beck to Sean Hannity, the conservative mantra regarding public education is that the teachers are destroying our children. So yes, it IS about the teachers.

The teachers union is about bringing a voice to the educational system, to ensure that their voice is heard in government and that they get their fair shake. I'm again wondering why Governor Christie isn't more concerned with lobbyists from oil companies, the tobacco industry, or chemical companies. Is it because their voices are more important to him than those that are trying to ensure that our schools have proper funding, that our teachers have not just a living wage but a competitive one?

Why do conservatives hate public school teachers?

1 comment:

Tracy said...

they hate the school teachers because they teach things like the works and deeds of Thomas Jefferson. Their disagreement with that is because he's a deist.They also don't teach enough about eugenics. And how sterilization of the "unworthy" is ok...(can we say Nazi Germany...just sayin...) And you KNOW that you go to PUBLIC school to learn about Godly things. Churches obviously aren't doing a good enough job.

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