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Friday, June 4, 2010

Jan's Moment On Stage

And we join conservative theatre already in progress......

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Some conservatives are already crowing that Jan Brewer has won the war on this one since Obama and her sat down to chat. My only problem with this is that this is pure political posturing on her part and I think that Obama should have been more forceful in his approach to this. Then again, he's far more adept at playing political chess while his opponents look at the politics of America as a game of checkers - you jump over one Democratic piece and they start screaming "KING ME" and there not even half-way across the board yet.

I will give Governor Brewer credit on the fact that she played this post-sit-down presser as if Obama was frightened and on the defensive. You'll notice that she didn't say whether or not he had read the law. That was so unblushingly planned on her part and I'm fairly certain that this is going to be a major talking-point generator for conservatives for the next few weeks.

The main problem I have with this is the fact that Obama didn't come out and speak with her. It's a safe bet that if he had she wouldn't be posturing nearly as much and the mouth-agape press, ever eager to get a juicy sound-bite, wouldn't be asking the "have you read it" question.

So when will we hear from Obama about his meeting with Brewer? Gibbs will likely be fielding questions from the press pool today about it and no matter what answer he gives, conservatives will claim that they have won. But when the final act of this like Republican play is over, I'm looking for conservatives to not be crowing, but eating it.

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