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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Alternate Realities

The terrorists are getting our money, but don't even think about alternative energy.

That's essentially what Beck is saying here.

Remember when Bush began talking about alternative fuels? Remember all those ads out from oil companies talking about how they were on the forefront of alternative fuel research? Not long after that, most oil companies - including BP - shifted from advocates of alternative ( suicidal )energy and cut those programs back seriously in 2009.

So what is Beck saying? Is he in favor of dangerous practices, dangerous drilling in deep waters untested? Does he suddenly not care about our imports of oil from the Middle East? I'm not entirely certain that even he knows, as his paycheck often obscures what this country really needs. After all, the desire for conservatives to see Obama ( and by extension the country ) fail greatly outweighs their love for America.

Which one is it then: dangerous oil drilling, importing from the middle east, or alternative sources? The message over the last 3 years has become so muddled that not many people can tell now.

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