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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Not Politically Correct, But Honest

Helen Thomas has been getting a HUGE dose of hatred from the Right because of this.

The fact that many conservatives are accusing Thomas of advocating ethnic cleansing - which is a blatant and preposterous lie - only serves to make this issue much larger than it already is.

This, however, doesn't remove the fact that she is taking up a very controversial opinion. But I have to ask myself why it is controversial in the first place. The answer is not entirely simple and it's not one that many in America are willing to admit - in public anyway.

I'm not going to claim to support Hezbollah, nor am I going to state that I agree with everything done in the name of the Israeli nation. What I will state without fear of being challenged is that it seems rather peculiar, upon a great deal of reflection and questioning, that the people of Israel have the right to land that was never theirs to begin with and to have so much control over aid being distributed to Gaza. In that respect, Helen Thomas is correct.

Where I think she went wrong was with her apology. I don't buy for one second that she is actually apologizing - it's a calculated move in order for her to save face with conservatives. I really thought that she was better than this, that she had the courage of her convictions, but apparently not.

In my mind, the reason that the bulk of Americans ( primarily conservatives ) "support" Israel is out of what they claim to disagree with - political correctness. They can't risk being seen to be even moderately critical of what the Israeli people are doing to Palestine simply because they see the Jewish nation as the "people of God". Does this exempt them from doing wrong against others? Most certainly not.

I look upon Israel the same that I do my own nation - it has to be accountable for it's actions. And that is something that conservatives have a hard time doing when it comes to their own actions and those they they use for their own ill-conceived ends.

1 comment:

cekryb said...

I've really given this a fair amount of research and I do feel the Jews have a need for a homeland. It's been roughly 70 years since the Holocaust happened and, in the grand scheme of human history, it isn't that long. Beyond that, Jews have dealt with thousands of years of persecution. I understand their need for a homeland, but that doesn't excuse their actions here or other times. I do think, like you, that Israel should be held accountable though. I guess it's only hubris if you fail.

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