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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Beck's Educational Plan

In which Beck plays educational messiah

I'm wondering is Beck is going on about how he wants the Tea Baggers and their violence enabling rhetoric to be diminished or if that is tangentical to the entire educational process in America. Is Beck wanting parents to indoctrinate their children into a world of disinformation and lies instead of allowing them to learn at their own pace from readily available resources that we all used growing up?

It's always fascinated me how two children living side by side, going to the same school, the same church even, could become such radically different people. It's fascinating because people have free will - they can either choose to seek out the truth or have it spoon fed to them. Beck obviously favors the later position.

Now, there was one part in this clip that really caught my attention - the "getting the hate out of you fast" moment. That's actually rather revealing on Beck's part. He's actively urging his listenership to mask their ill-conceived hatred of that which they don't understand, what they choose not to understand. And isn't that what hatred is grounded in - the willingness to not understand someone or something.

Make no mistake about it, Glenn Beck hates Barack Obama, his family, everyone that voted for him, and anyone that would question why he is the way he is. Conservatives don't believe in questioning anything. They believe in simply leveling accusations, rearranging well-recorded history, and telling you that the world is black and white - no nuance. Even when they are wrong, they are right in their own minds. That is what separates a liberal from a conservative on virtually every level.

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