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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Some Thoughts For Your Morning

- Conservatives love to use the specter of war, Nazism, and family in conjunction with one another to play to base emotions within the movement. Arizona governor Jan Brewer has conflated all three into a blatant lie in order to defend the over-reaching immigration law in her state. I wonder what else she's distorting in order for people to be on her side?

- I'm a fan of Sarah Silverman, but much in the same way that Janeane Garofalo stated, blanket statements about racism don't help the liberal/progressive cause. She is correct that there is a racist element to specific programs within the Fox"News" programming timeline ( both past and present ) I don't think the entire line-up is as racially motivated as it is completely and utterly dedicated to disseminating misinformation en masse.

- I'm continually asking myself why conservatives hate an organized workforce. They call groups like "teachers unions" a "special interest groups" that are there for nothing more than to have the upper hand in political power. I find this rather disturbing in the fact that these teachers are organizing in order to ensure that they have a voice beyond their vote at the polls. They want schools to be a place for all students, not just a select few. Why aren't conservatives concerned about corporate lobbyists? Could it be because they don't care for the average American, that they are there solely to see Republican ideals implemented that would ultimately afford mass deregulation to rape the American economy like they did during the Bush administration? Conservatives want privatized education that is affordable to the few, because to them, not all Americans deserve education.

- Seems that BP is starting to cover-up the fact that there environmental disaster is starting to show up on beaches in the form of dead animals. The "drill, baby, drill" meme is not just "spill, baby, spill" but "kill, baby, kill".

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