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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Favoring What They Opposed

In which Steve King joins the ranks of Republicans such as Rick Perry in not only accepting Stimulus funds but touting their acceptance of such.

Today we celebrate a major milestone in the effort to complete a four-lane U.S. Highway 20 from Sioux City all the way to Dubuque and on to Chicago,” said King. “For decades, western Iowans have been pushing for this vital transportation link to be four-laned. With today’s groundbreaking in Sac County, we’re significantly closer to that goal."

“I supported this project before I was elected to the Iowa Senate and made it my number one transportation priority as a Member of Congress. In working with our state’s senators and House delegation, the Four-Lane Highway 20 Association, and local communities, I have networked the effort to secure millions in federal funds to help bring this project to western Iowa. I will continue to do all I can to keep it moving until the day we cut the ribbon on the final mile of four-lane Highway 20.”

“There is still much work to be done, but today is a day to celebrate the incredible amounts of hard work and tireless effort that have brought the beginnings of a new, four-lane, Highway 20 to the Fifth Congressional District.

As Think Progress reports:

While King happily touts his role in the procurement of funds for U.S. 20’s expansion, he neglects to mention that the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (commonly referred to as the stimulus package) — a bill that he heavily criticized and voted against — actually provides a majority of the funds for the project. Although King also secured federal funds for this project through the Omnibus Appropriations Act of 2009, the congressman again overlooks his unequivocal opposition to the bill, which he previously described as a part of the “ongoing fiscal train wreck in Washington.”

The unblushing hypocrisy of Tea Bagging Republicans like King just makes me wonder how any of them or any of their aides actually allow them to make such statements. I mean, do they not realize they they are taking credit for that which they have been so staunchly against? One might argue that they have somehow "forced" the Obama administration to utilize funds for projects that were necessary prior to his elevation to the Presidency, but that would mean that the Bush administration largely ignored the desires of the country they represented.

So what if the Stimulus were as large as it should have been? What if there is a second Stimulus like is being floated at this point of the year? Would we have seen more Republican acceptance of funds? Are we going to see more acceptance of funds by Republicans that they loudly opposed? I'm going to give a loud a prominent "yes" to this right from the jump. After all, Republicans are more than willing to take credit for the work that they didn't do.

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