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Monday, June 7, 2010

Some Thoughts For Your Morning

- Seems that there has been another major oil rig disaster - this time in Northwestern Pennsylvania being operated by EOG Resources. A blogger over at Micheal Morrill over at Daily Kos tried to get video footage of the rig and the unfolding scene and was told that if he didn't leave the property that he may be shot and was hauled away by, whom he would only assume, were employees. I'm thinking that we aren't going to hear a great deal about this rig as the company likely did some pre-damage control for "just in case" purposes and has already got their narrative together. Wait a second, did Palin just say that inland drilling was uber-safe or something?

- Apparently knowing the little-known lyrics of the National Anthem mean that you far more patriotic than anyone else on the planet. Kind of like the same rationale that if you have a bigger flag that you are more patriotic. Wonder if this guy knows that last verse of the Beverly Hillbillies theme though.

- On most days this year, the Democrats are really good at doing the job of being a Republican. I think this has a lot to do with Obama's polling numbers at this point. But again, we have to remember that a great deal of this has to do with perception versus perspective. I'm fully aware that a large cross-section of the American media is more than willing to sit on their collective asses and virtually kowtow to conservative tactics, but there's also the reality that a fair portion of what Democrats are doing is literally in the same vein. I for one think that the government should, like Robert Reich correctly pointed out, put BP-North America into receivership in order to take more steadfast control over the Gulf oil spill. Likely that CEO will be removed from his position, but this should have been done weeks ago.


1 comment:

cekryb said...

Would it make me more patriotic to know that the Star Spangled Banner is a completely unoriginal piece of work? It's lyrics are from a poem and it's tune is from an English drinking song.

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