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Friday, June 18, 2010

Brothers In Arms

Fox"News" continues to provide covering-fire for BP and allow executives airtime to either make excuses for their inaction that lead to this disaster or simply claim that they are being victimized.

The unblushing way in which Fox"News" and conservatives are more than willing to turn a blind eye to corporations that rape the ecology and economy of America is simply mind boggling. We hear them continually preach accountability, to "trust but verify", and when the time comes to back up their words we get nothing - not one ounce of honesty or credibility.

When it comes to the gulf oil spill, there is such rank hypocrisy within the conservative movement that your head begins to spin before you can even get through your morning coffee.

First, the government isn't doing enough, then they are doing too much. The safety of workers cleaning up the spill is never mentioned by conservatives and when steps are taken to ensure safety, then it's all "a bunch of bureaucratic read tape slowing the operation down". There is nothing that will satisfy these wretched creatures known as Republicans. Yet people continue to try and appease them, even in the face of their own ridicule.

Make no mistake about it, Fox"News" and the conservatives enslaved to that network are in this to see that not just Obama fails on some level but that the people of the Gulf Coast fail on some level. No matter what the cost, conservatives must win, even if their own country which they claim to love suffers.

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