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Monday, June 21, 2010

The Next Logical Step

In which Rand Paul speaks as a person who grew up with a life of privilege.

Considering that the average unemployment rate in Kentucky is still floating near 11%, I'm really thinking that Rand Paul is taking up the wrong position here. Then again, people in my community were actively praising Jim Bunning as a hero when he was blocking unemployment benefits earlier in the year.

This is a classic manifestation of the culture of privilege not caring about those within their community that are less fortunate. However, Rand Paul is a Kentucky implant, has not grown up here his entire life. That aside, there are plenty of conservatives that are lifelong Kentucky residents that are more than willing to take a metaphorical piss on their fellow residents due to conservative inaction that caused the economic meltdown. Dont' expect them to admit this though, as it would require them to blame the Bush administration that they unflinchingly backed.

Rand's new found hatred of the unemployed is another mark against him with many in Kentucky. Unfortunately, those voices will be consistently drowned out by the corporatist that fall into lockstep with the likes of BP.

Once again, November is going to be very interesting this year.

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