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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Distrust Of The American Armed Forces

I think Beck and former Judge Napolitano have seen Iron Man one too many times and they are thinking that a private companies could actually fight wars just like Tony Stark.

Conservatives masturbatory fantasies about privatizing everything from Social Security to schools often ignores that cost of such decisions, but it comes as no surprise that the idea of a privatized army would become a favored position of one of the loudest and most simple-minded conservatives - Glenn Beck.

However, their blatant disregard of the facts surrounding groups like Blackwater/KBR - who have a well recorded history of waste, fraud, and abuse - should give people pause. Not just in the fact that there have been billions wasted on contractors in Iraq, but that Glenn Beck, alleged champion of financial responsibility, is turning a blind eye to these actions.

But what should we expect from corporate apologists like Beck and Napolitano? Certainly no fiscal reasoning and the ability to research a topic before claiming to fully understand it.

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