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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rand's Hands In Gov't Programs

Whenever you hear a prominent conservative figure in America talking about the damage that government programs like Social Security or Medicare and Medicaid are doing, it's a safe bet that these same people are utilizing these programs. Rand Paul is certainly no exception.

Kentucky GOP Senate candidate Rand Paul says he opposes federal handouts, but the eye doctor takes government payments for treating Medicare and Medicaid patients.

The dichotomy has drawn taunts of hypocrisy from his Democratic opponent, Jack Conway who on Tuesday called on Paul to quit "stonewalling" and release his Medicare billing records.

"When it comes to government spending that benefits Paul, suddenly deficits don't matter," Conway's campaign said in a release this week.

Paul campaign manager Jesse Benton defended Paul's acceptance of Medicare and Medicaid payments, saying that to shun the two health care programs would "penalize his older patients or his poor patients."

Paul's hawkish nature regarding deficits most certainly stops when it comes to taking money from the government for his medical practice. His campaign spokespeople are certainly distancing themselves from Paul's previous comments regarding Medicare as "socialized medicine", a common narrative amongst the Tea Baggers.

The hypocrisy of Rand Paul continues to mount as the days and weeks go by. Like most Tea Baggers, Paul wants the government services but doesn't want the cost. I'm wondering how much of his clientele are of the same ideological bent - conservatives that rail against government programs but utilized them on a continual basis.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Medicare and social security are not handouts. They are paid for by the people who they benefit. They are insurance programs like "Blue Cross". Their benifits far excess their cost. I think people should read about the way the elderly lived before medicare and social security and ask themselves if this is the way they want to live when they are old.

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