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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

And The Fear Wins Again

A little watched Congressional primary race in Mississippi ended up going to a man that will likely be close friends with Michelle Bachman, Steve King, and Jim DeMint if he actually makes it to Washington.

Republican congressional candidate Alan Nunnelee tells a Rotary Club audience that the United States survived the traumas of Pearl Harbor and 9/11, but those attacks were less a threat to America than the higher spending and government expansion pushed by Democrats.

“What I see in Washington over the last 16 months is a more dangerous attack because it’s an attack on our freedom that’s coming from the inside,” Nunnelee, neatly dressed in a gray suit and red tie, tells about 30 people who have finished their lunch of chicken-fried steak, mashed potatoes and fried squash.

Because we all know that invoking the deaths of thousands of Americans during two of the most horrendous attacks on this country in our entire history makes your side look more than qualified to hold higher office. Well, if you're a conservative it apparently does.

This whole "we're all going to die" strategy is becoming quite stale. I'm beginning to think that Republicans are only sticking with these people because they've got too much capital invested in them that they don't want to appear weak by distancing themselves from the abject ignorance that keeps boiling up again and again. And like always, it's this type of action that will cause the country to slip further and further into the past - no plan, no credible actions, no real future to look forward to.

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