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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Home Revisions

Beck’s war on public schools continues.

All the coming from the man who has done nothing but try his level best to revise the well recorded history of this nation and those that fought to get us where we are today.

My closest friend since the 5th grade was homeschooled. I can recall times when we were younger where he was simply baffled at what he was being forced to learn. We would sit and compare homework assignments on Friday afternoons and I would be shocked at the way his text books presented such topics as American and World history and the glorious absence of Science from the curriculum that his mother chose.

Most people, when they hear about homeschooling think that it’s just the parents creating lessons out of thin air. That’s what I thought at first when my friend was visibly absent the first day of 7th grade. There is a whole industry that creates and publishes textbooks for just such purposes – and they always have a fringe, right-wing ( and often religious ) narrative throughout them.

It took my friend years to catch up with the real world after 8 years of homeschool. It was truly a sad sight to watch unfold.

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rdale said...

My favorite comment about homeschoolers (and there are a lot of them in Eutaw, where I live) is from the movie "Mean Girls":

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