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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Should Have Done Some Research

Conservatives have a serious problem with fact-checking before they start speaking.

Those "booms" that Palin and Hannity are speaking about weren't used because they failed quality control tests.

“There were concerns with material and end connectors,” LaBrec said. “BP has inspectors who visit facilities and regularly test boom. In addition to testing boom from new suppliers, boom from existing manufacturers is also tested/inspected. The Coast Guard also inspects boom that we purchase from suppliers. It is important because poorly designed boom may not work as intended.”

Listening to NPR yesterday afternoon, I heard a report that many of the booms already in place are being overrun by waves and actually washing up on beaches and not performing as they should. Why are Hannity and Palin so certain that these booms from Maine will behave any differently?

And to address O'Reilly's boast that Palin has effectively dealt with oil companies prior to quitting her post as Governor of Alaska, reports are coming in that the BP oil field in Alaska are facing serious problems.

According to internal BP documents obtained by Truthout, and after interviewing more than a dozen employees over the past month, the Prudhoe Bay oil field, in a remote corner of North America on Alaska's north shore, is in danger.

After two serious oil spills and other mishaps, the BP employees fingered a long list of safety issues that have not been adequately addressed, making the Prudhoe Bay oilfield vulnerable to a devastating accident that potentially could rival the havoc in the Gulf.

But I thought Palin had that all under control when she left office. Will she address this or even be asked by her adoring fanbase? Don't hold your breath.

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