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Monday, June 21, 2010

The Power Of Prayer

Conservatives in action. Typical.

A resolution encouraging people to pray for an end to the BP oil spill crisis has been approved by the Louisiana Senate.

Sen. Robert Adley, a Republican from Benton, won unanimous approval of the resolution last week. The resolution made this past Sunday a state-designated day of prayer in Louisiana, during which people of all faiths in the state and around the nation will be encouraged to seek divine intervention to end the crisis.

Because .begging the invisible man in the sky to suck the oil up with his straw of divine wisdom is just the ticket we need. No need for conservatives to actually do any of the heavy lifting to get this issue reconciled, it's all about Teh Jeebus.

Is there not a more clear signifier that conservatives are simply unwilling to take the lead against national emergencies like this? They made a few speeches and yelled at Obama for not acting fast enough, then promptly did a 180 and said he was acting too harshly.

But wasn't one of the conservative talking-points last week that this oil disaster was God's doing to start with? So who are they to question God's judgement now?

1 comment:

Charles said...

I absolutely believe in the power of prayer and especially in this situation. Overt public criticism isn't helping to fix the problem. We all need to stand before God and lift the situation up to Him. I do believe that once our prayers go forward we should continue to use what God has given us to continue to work toward resolution. By the way, great article.

C.A.M. Durham, NC

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