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Monday, June 21, 2010

Education Be Damned

Conservatives and Fox"News" continue their war on teachers and students

This notion that the Federal government shouldn't step in to help teachers keep their jobs, for schools to remain open, or for even students to have the education tools necessary is simply preposterous. But it's odd that conservatives continually shout that government should be part of a "voucher" program for students to enter into private institutions of learning. It's a fairly hypocritical stance that they take.

And why are they framing this as a "bail-out"? Primarily it's because most teachers unions favor Democrats in election. If the shoe were on the other foot, I'm almost certain that the prattle-boxes on Bulls And Bears would be singing the virtues of unused stimulus dollars being used to bolster public education.

What conservatives aren't realizing is that they are essentially attacking the children of this country in order to push an ideological narrative that is designed to make public schools fail from the start. From places like Colorado Springs to the entire state of New Jersey, thanks to conservative ideals, the educational system in those - and other - locations are going to falter and in many ways be destroyed.

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