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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Education, Conservativism, And Reality

The hypocrisy of the modern conservative movement is not only laughably transparent, but simply mind-numbing at times.

Here's a clip of the man that is slowly becoming the new "conservative Jesus", amongst some within the right-wing blogosphere, talking about how it's not right that his state didn't get Federal funding for schools under the "Race To The Top" program.

While Hot Air tries to reinforce the point that representatives of the Christie administration gave the correct numbers in a "face to face" interview and that the numbers are also available on the Treasury website, who's to say that those numbers aren't correct as well? After all, this is a man that has been hoisted onto a golden pedestal by Republicans all across America as a shining example of leadership and fiscal responsibility - so wouldn't it stand to reason that he would have a staff with the competence enough to know the difference between one number and another? Apparently not.

That aside, don't you just love the way that Christie is blaming the Obama administration for his own administrations incompetence. By that, I mean that I would really love to see the PDF file of the application where the incorrect data was placed. Are we to simply take Christie at his word? Are we to believe that the "single page" that was submitted that was headlined with numbers that even Kindergartners can distinguish was returned incorrectly by a conservative administration?

Moreover, the conservative point of view that there are "too many pages" to a given project only further echoes the reality that conservatives favor an over-simplification of America. After all, if just took "one page" to fix all the problems and obstacles that we faced, wouldn't this country be so much better?

And while Christie states at multiple times that he is responsible for this, there is more than enough blame for those he and his mouth agape followers would love to see fail. So what was this press conference all about? Was is about his administration being held responsible for an error, or was is about him blaming Barrack Obama for something that his staff simply couldn't do?

I think we all know the answer.

And isn't this a great opportunity for us to revisit how much Chris Christie belittles the value of teachers in the state that he claims to lead.......

1 comment:

Tracy said...

I love it when people want to place blame under the guise of being "responsible". It boils down to a SIMPLE things...there are OVER 40 states fighting for those funds. If the state cannot proofread, multiple times, and FOLLOW DIRECTIONS then their "clerical" errors get them booted out early on. Sorry, but there has to be a way of weeding out states so those that are really close can have more time dedicated to evaluating who's truly deserving of such a HUGE grant. Last time I checked I wasn't given a second chance at an interview with GE years ago simply because I didn't have perforated paper and it had a jagged edge. It was clearly requested. I didn't follow directions. I didn't get the opportunity to interview. Oh well. 100% MY fault. Just like not having a PROOFREADER is his. Not the Obama administration. *sigh*

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