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Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Price Of Deception

I've found myself in many discussions with conservatives on Twitter regarding the cost of the Bush Tax Cuts and the one unifying answer that I get from them when pressed to explain why they agree with them based solely on the cost is that there "is not cost".

Seems that Mitch McConnell thinks this way as well.

As Think Progress points out, either McConnell doesn't know what he's talking about or he is attempting to defend one of the largest factors in the expansion of the deficit in the last 10 years.

In addition to incorrectly stating the effect that the expiration of the cuts would have on small businesses, McConnell basically summed up the Republican approach here, which is that cutting taxes for the rich is either free or worth exploding the deficit to implement. In reality, extending just the tax cuts for the richest two percent of Americans — which President Obama has proposed allowing to expire — costs $830 billion over ten years and $36 billion next year alone.

But lets just think for a moment about why these tax cuts were implemented to begin with. The idea was that more money would be available to Americans who would reinvest into the economy, thereby preventing a recession. Anyone recall how that worked out?

So aside from McConnell's inability to be honest with those watching MTP, I think this should be asked of him - why are you so willing to continue to back a program what is widely recognized to have failed?

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