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Monday, August 9, 2010

Palin: Pwned!!!

If I actually believed in God I would say "God bless this woman who took it to Sarah straight on!"

But first, some conservative spin from one of Palin's mouth-agape fame-suckers: Allahpundit.

Late afternoon traffic bait via Breitbart. I assume this was posted by a Sarah-hater, but I’m not sure why: She acquits herself well, as even certain lefties are fair enough to admit, and it’s fun to watch her confront a hostile protester given her rap for hiding inside the Fox News bubble. Even Bristol, newly liberated from 165 lbs. or so of fame-whore dead weight, gets in a shot. Faced with the fact that there’s nothing here that’s actually damning, the lefty spin du jour is that Palin seems to rolls her eyes when the woman tells her she’s a teacher. Which, I guess, is smoking-gun proof that Sarahcuda, the daughter of a science teacher … hates teachers? Or books, or something? Whatever.

You'll notice that while Palin claims that she's all for fighting for "free speech" that her guards with the nice little ear-pieces really don't want this to be featured on tape.

And I like how Bristol gets in her jab that "she's representing *circular hand jesture* United State". Guess her media head-fake that her and Levi were getting back together isn't playing out like she hoped so she has to make sure she's protecting "Mama Grizzly".

And yeah, Palin clearly "rolls her eyes" at the 1:50 mark as the woman declares that she's a teacher. I'm not going to overly-speculate about why Palin would or wouldn't care about teachers in America, but considering that this woman confronting her has called her a quitter and a "money-hungry celebrity", it's clear that Palin was not just annoyed with the confrontation with someone that she used to represent, but didn't have anything to offer once a "real American" slapped her in the face with the reality of who and what she is.

For a good laugh, check out the comments on Breitbart TV and you'll see how easily Palin fanatics are bowled over with not only her lack of candor but her inability to face reality.

1 comment:

Darius Whiteplume said...

I'm guessing the eye roll was an "oh, she's a liberal" moment.

I cannot hate Palin enough.

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