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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Racially Coded Concern

Whenever conservatives like Glenn Beck attempt to show concern in regards to individual states or cities lack of funding or that certain municipalities have to make cuts in specific areas, rest assured that they are going to seriously skew the facts.

Aside from Beck's theatrics and the obviously tilted nature of his choices for what should be cut from the budgets of the cities he highlights, one thing became immediately apparent to me - each of these cities have more than a 50% black population. I mean, after all, nothing says that a city is more dangerous or that a population is more ill-educated than when it's pointed out that there are black people in your neighborhood. This should be glaringly obvious to even the most novice among cable news watchers, as Beck made it a point to showcase one specific region of St. Louis rather than the entire city.

And while it is a sad fact that educational funding is cut before anything else in times of financial crisis, I find it rather disingenuous that Beck is insisting that this is something that is exclusive to Democratic leadership. After all, one has but to look at how Chris Christie is handling New Jersey and you'll see right away that conservatives don't really care as much about teachers as Beck wants us to think.

1 comment:

cekryb said...

If you'll indulge me to speak on something I know a lot about, I'd like to set something straight without really disagreeing with you.

My family is from East St. Louis. I consider the region(both sides of the river) my home. I know the history of that town better than most.

East St. Louis is its own city. It's not a specific neighborhood of St. Louis like Soulard, The Hill, Clayton, Lindenwood, et cetera. It's in Illinois and thus falls under different funding/ jurisdictional constraints. St. Louis has slowly been rejuvenated through Missouri programs while East St. Louis is the city that Illinois forgot. It is one of the most violent cities in the US and things I've seen in that city will never be forgotten.

That said, FUCK Glenn Beck for glazing over the facts and historical context of why that city is the way it is and why it continues to slide. It's the same bullshit I used to hear in thinly veiled conversations about racial animus.

It's not just in East St. Louis that teachers/police officers/public servants are being let go in Illinois though. My uncle and several of his coworkers was let go from his IDOT job without warning. Two friends lost teaching jobs from varying regions in Illinois. Some of the most affluent neighborhoods in Illinois are losing all around, so it's not just an "urban/ghetto" issue.

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