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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Right-Wing Iconography Pt. 1 : Glenn Beck

In which we find Jason Mattera doing his level best to turn Glenn Beck into the Messiah that his kind claimed liberals/progressives were doing to Obama.

Regardless of whom is asking this of Glenn Beck, this is clearly playing to his sense of megalomania, and conservatives are more than willing to heap praise upon a man that has a clear history of reversing his position on a variety of topics once Fox"News" offered his a bigger paycheck to play the role of "Champion Of The Common Man".

The sincerity of Beck's statements are about as solid as the "belief" that he speaks of. Because we all know that a man like Beck will believe anything and tell you anything provided that he is in the employ of someone that will shift the decimal point in his checking account a couple of spaces to the right.

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