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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Invective At It's Worst

No racism here. Nope, none at all.

I'm going to start a pool for those that read this blog. How long is it going to be before Rush just can't hold it back any longer and drops the N-Bomb on the air? 6 months? Next week? Tomorrow?

It's this type of racial animus, this race baiting, that spills out into the far corners of America where certain cross-sections of primarily white communities feel comfortable being totally and unblushingly racist. I used to work with a group of people that saw racism as tradition, as something they shouldn't be ashamed of. And predictably so, these people were "Christians" who could just as easily quote passages from the gospel of Matthew as well as Sarah Palin's latest Facebook posting that someone had to write for her.

Rush Limbaugh has nothing but utter contempt for anyone in the black community that enjoys even a modest amount of power that they have earned because of their hard work. You'll notice that Rush will never laud the accomplishments of a black man or woman that has worked their way through life, paying their dues, earning every cent they have, if they have a voter registration card that has a D listed on it instead of an R. I'm actually of the belief that Rush just simply doesn't like anyone in the black community at all, but that he tolerates them. And there are black men that fill in for Rush when he decides to jet off to some vacation hot spot that the common man he claims to champion will never be able to afford. He let's these men sit in his "seat of power" for a few hours each year to keep up the facade that he isn't a racist. But I, and many others, know better.

This wretched shell of a man is going to slip up sooner or later. The mask is going to slip enough and the remainder of the country that has a doubt will see once and for all that Rush Limbaugh is nothing but a racist in the most purest and unvarnished form. But it likely won't matter, as any statements made by him that reveal his feeling will be chalked up to "satire", or a "clumsy moment". I would imagine that there would be a special episode of Hannity where Rush would be provided supplication and covering fire. Perhaps even a segment on Huckabee where Limbaugh could talk about the "healing power of God".

Rush Limbaugh is not human - not by a long shot.

1 comment:

Poopyman said...

I think you're wrong. Wrong about the reaction. I predict that whatever he says is just going to be glossed over. "Well, that's Rush." Shrug of shoulders. Move on to the latest Missing White Woman story.

He's always been left off the hook. I don't know that there's anything that would get him fired.

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