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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Irony, Literature, And Talk Radio

This clip is destined to be classic.

So the caller has "returned to the church" partly because of Beck? I'm curious as to what her denomination is. Is she a snake-handling, Holiness, tongue-speaker?

Not only that, but isn't it rather ironic that Beck and this caller are discussing a book that is about a demon writing letters about how to trick their intended audience. Am I calling Beck a demon soldier for Satan? No, but he certainly is a soldier for the modern conservative movement - a group that is out to ensure that there is not only class warfare, but that a portrait of liberals/progressives be painted that depicts a group that is out to push the country forward for everyone and not just a select few that happen to have a few extra zeros to the left of the decimal point in their checking accounts.

While it has been over 20 years since I read Lewis' book in which he uses a fictional character to espouse his own ideological ramblings, I find it rather troublesome that Beck and the caller seem to be taking this work of fiction as fact. This is one of major downfalls of conservative thought - using fictional world as the primary thesis statement of what you are trying to push off as fact.

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