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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dont' Call Them Out......

.....because accountability isn't in their genetic make-up!!!!

This is some unfiltered, unscripted, real talk from Obama that has some conservatives seriously bent out of shape.

So how did those Bush Tax Cuts that were designed to recirculate more money into the economy work out? How much did they cost? How about the cost of the occupation of Iraq and the confrontation in Afghanistan? Those dollar figures alone should make conservatives wet their collective Depends on a daily basis. But do they? Of course not, as that would admit that conservative ideology is responsible for more than half our current debt.

I say we need more talk like this from not only our President, but all Democrats. Let the Republicans twitch and whine. They always create the problems and want us to solve them, so why are we even reaching across the aisle now?

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