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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Past Is Off Limits For Some

Anyone recall how often conservatives speculated, fabricated, and postulated about Barack Obama's past? Of course you do. But guess what happens when a widely recognized publication reports on Rand Paul's alleged college escapades?...............


But it's not just Fox"News" that is attempting to push this story aside. It's their affiliate website and HotAir ( and I'm going to address the video at the end of HotAir's post tomorrow ).

These two voices alone will frame the conservative media narrative for days on end. These two places alone can forcefully push a storyline that is not only specious, but completely preposterous. But this storyline is going to ultimately backfire on them, as they were more than willing to claim questionable and/or false allegations around Barack Obama were fact. Was this reported on? Yes, it was.

Let's take a look here, here, here, here, here, and many more places.

Most of these were claims that Obama was initially supported by domestic terrorists. This was the meme that was carried by Fox"News" and their water-carrying, knuckle-dragging, constituency for months and months and is still being perpetuated. I could go on with this portion of my post for some time, but it's been discussed enough.

The bottom line is that while Rand Paul likely engaged in some crazy escapades in college - like many people do - the very fact that the claims against him ( as of now ) are equally as specious as Obama "palling around with terrorists", the defense that a fucking eye doctor is getting that the goddamned President of the United States ISN"T GETTING should say something about the state of the conservative movement.

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