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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Amended Position

Because nothing says you love The Constitution like wanting to change it.

I would argue that one of the root causes of people from other countries entering the United States illegally has more to do with the chance to provide for their families as far too many companies are willing to "look the other way" in regards to their hiring processes. And while these companies are willing to treat these illegal immigrants like slave labor, getting paid by a shady company in America does tend to beat out the alternatives of living back in your home country in more ways than one.

Conservatives like Boehner are more than willing to use The Constitution as a stick to whip their poorly informed electorate into a frenzy by claiming that liberals/progressives are trying to subvert it, and with the next insist that it's not a perfect document as it actually allows people that are born here to be called Americans. It's the later, and clearly xenophobic, machinations of Boehner - and all that think as he does - that paint an even clearer picture of what conservatives desire this nation to look like; a lily-white landscape of corporatist zombies that want a dense mine-field separating Mexico and the US.

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